Bridges in the Township

Potter’s Bridge was originally constructed in 1865 over Raccoon Creek from Potter to Frankfort Springs Road at the Potter Farm. The bridge was a 135 foot long wood arch of heavy pine situated one mile south of the Beaver County Poor House. On July 27, 1923, the weakened bridge was closed for immediate repairs. Although Potter’s Bridge was repaired, it collapsed on August 5, 1923 at noon. It was replaced in 1924 for $17,000.

The bridge that currently spans Raccoon Creek was built in 1932. The bridge is single-span, 229 feet long, and 42 feet wide. The Potter Bridge was no longer used after this bridge was built and was moved 13 miles down Raccoon Creek to the site of the Link Bridge in Independence Township. It was then replaced with a steel truss bridge in 1939. The new bridge in Potter was restructured in 1977 with safety shaped barriers. The original lattice rails remain on the sidewalk. In 2010, the average daily usage of this bridge was 7,673 vehicles.