Lien Letter Requests

A lien letter is required for the sale, transfer, and/or refinance of property of property. The purpose of a lien letter is to certify that there are no municipal claims such as water, sewage, sewer assessment, etc. against the property being sold, transferred, or refinanced. If there is a claim on the property in question, the letter will provide the amount necessary to cover the claim(s). The fee for a municipal lien letter is $25.

Information for requesting a municipal lien letter:

$25.00 check made payable to “Potter Township”

Potter Township Municipal Building
206 Mowry Road
Monaca, PA 15061

Tax Certification Letter

A tax certification document is used to verify that the township and school district taxes have been paid. The letter contains information about the year, the amount of payment, the date paid, and the type of tax (township or school). In addition, the letter will include the current owner and current year assessment, all millage rates, property location, and lot and block numbers. The fee for the tax certification is $25 per parcel.

Information for requesting a tax certification:

$25.00 check made payable to “Victoria M. Leininger, CPTC”

Victoria M. Leininger, CPTC
105 Mowry Road
Monaca, PA 15061