Tax Collection 

Real Estate Taxes

Beaver County

Beaver County Millage: 3.67

Beaver County Treasurer

Beaver County Court House
810 Third Street, Beaver, PA 15009
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Potter Township & Central Valley School District

 Township Millage: 1.3186 / School District Millage: 70.85

Victoria M. Leininger, CPTC – Real Estate Tax Collector

105 Mowry Road
Monaca, PA 15061
Mobile Phone: 412-759-9184


Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 and its variants, it is recommended that you mail in your tax payments.

I encourage you to call my mobile phone 412-759-9184 with questions or concerns.  Please leave a message if I don’t pick up.  

I currently am employed in a full-time position that prohibits me from responding to phone calls at certain times during the day.  I will return your call at the earliest opportunity.  It is my honor to serve our community and I will do my best!

Please mail your real estate tax bill with self-addressed stamped envelope if you desire a dated receipt.

Need to Know:
Separate Checks are Required:

Real Estate Tax and School Tax payments must be paid using separate checks.  They are deposited directly into each taxing authorities bank account.

Address Change Form:

Please be aware that if you have changed mortgage companies (escrow accounts) or have moved, but still own property in Potter Township, you must fill out the Beaver County Assessment Office Address Change Form.

The Tax Collector receives the data for the current tax year from the Tax Assessment Office and is not permitted to change your address for you. 

Unfortunately, the form is not yet available on-line; however, it can be obtained upon request.

Installment Payments:

Installment payments for School Taxes are considered payment plans and must be paid by each due date on your school tax bill.  If a payment is late, it reverts to a partial payment and you may incur a penalty amount if the full amount is not paid by the end of the Face Period.

Discount Period

Potter Township Real Estate Taxes

Discount: March 1 – April 30 (2%)

Face: May 1 – June 30

Penalty: 0% after June 30

Central Valley School District Taxes

Discount: August 1 – September 30 (2%)

Face: October 1 – November 30

Penalty: 5% after November 30

Earned Income Tax (Wage Tax)

Earned Income Tax is 1% and is shared equally by the Twp. & School District. Retirement, Interest, Unemployment, and Social Security are not taxable.

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Phone: (412) 881-3075 / (866) 701-7206
Address: PO Box 25132, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002

Local Services Tax 

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Phone: (412) 881-3075 / (866) 701-7206
Address: PO Box 25132, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002